Dail Chambers


Based here in St. Louis, Dail Chambers is a multi-media artist, social entrepreneur, published author, lecturer and community arts organizer.

Dail’s art explores the journey of the African American artist and her experiences in identity, women’s tradition and legacy. Looking at the overlap of documentation, inspiration and serendipity reveals deep insight into the artist’s work. She explores a genealogical art process by walking through the steps of her grandmother, and through this experience she is introduced to collective ancestors, famous people and collaborators who inspire her work. Dail’s studio art practice has led to a process full of journaling, witnessing and sharing.

The culmination of body, place, nature, crossword puzzles, coloring sheets, poetry and happenings grasp the viewer’s mind, memory and imagination. Chambers’ striking works serve as a catalyst for our natural state of connection through a variety of creations.

Dail creates community art projects and intensely explores her own journey. On the subject of St.ART, she expresses much enthusiasm. ‘I am excited to be a part of this happening because it is a well overdue dialogue. There are often times that the story of the divide in Saint Louis is used to depict a broad sense of what it is like to live in the midst of quiet segregation. This is an opportunity to focus on the feelings of folks, and also the energy of this place’.
Dail Chambers is a mother, artist and activist who exhibits and lectures nationally. She founded the Yeyo Arts collective, a group of five artists who opened Gya, a non-profit community arts space that creates arts and culture experiences within the St. Louis region. She has received nationwide acclaim and numerous awards for her work, including the Visionary Award for Emerging Artist in 2011 and a Resolution from the City of St. Louis, Missouri in 2010. She is a 2010 Community Arts Training Institute graduate and 2011 Urban Bush Woman SLI fellow.