Team Members

Michael G. Tompkins

Michael has been a hospitality, wellness, and spa visionary for more than two decades. Having held senior executive positions for celebrated brands at Canyon Ranch Health Resorts, Turning Stone Resort and Casino, CEO of Miraval Resorts, CEO Hilton Head Health and CEO PALM Health, his forward programmatic thinking has made him a noted keynote around the globe with more than twenty speaking engagements annually. He has been interviewed for hundreds of media and live events broadcast on Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal TV, FOX News, and other prime media outlets as a subject matter expert. Currently the Immediate Past Chairman of the International Spa Association, 2015’s Most Influential Spa Leader, he serves on several health affiliated boards. He is author or coauthor to five books on wellness. He is a partner with Huffman Hospitality Concepts, an executive recruiter with Hutchinson Consulting, and our Founder at St.ART.

Robin Stewart

With a 14 year career in Insurance and Financial Services, Robin held various roles in leadership and development with Northwestern Mutual.  Being client focused and building relationships through networking, exceptional customer service, and a reputation as a trustworthy and client-focused leader, Robin retired in 2011 and took on a role which proved to be her greatest accomplishment to date, motherhood to her daughter, now age 9.  Becoming very involved in school fundraisers, PTO Board Membership and active church ministries, Robin has now acclimated back into the work force and is an Executive Recruiter with Hutchinson Consulting.  After being approached by St.ART Founder and childhood friend, Michael Tompkins, the mission and calling to becoming involved with St.ART resonated from the very beginning.  Becoming actively involved as an agent of change and healing with a project that has the capacity to effect many on global proportions, is something Robin is passionate about and considers time well spent.  Robin lives in Los Angeles with her daughter and 2 miniature poodles.

Ruth Stricker
Honorary Board Member

As founder and executive director of The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness in Minnetonka, MN, Ruth is a pioneer and international spokesperson for integrative health and wellness. With a global viewpoint, Ruth fully channels Eastern and Western philosophies into her professional and personal life, her theme being “the resiliency of the human spirit” and how it enables us to find a sense of well-being in our lives. Ruth has been a champion of both the arts and humanitarian causes for decades, so it’s no surprise that her passion for our mission has been an influential, guiding force from St.ART’s inception.

Carol Fleming
Board Art Advisor

Carol Fleming is an accomplished sculptor who specializes in designing site-specific and one-of-a-kind artwork in clay. She was inspired to be a part of St.ART from its inception for many reasons, not just as an artist but as the stepmother to a street artist. Born deaf, Carol is no stranger to overcoming challenges and connecting with other people in a meaningful manner, and she believes that whenever possible, it should be done with beauty. “Sharing the creative process feeds the well. The Lord fills us up with Living Water. In everyday living, this passion translates as keeping the faith, to keep reaching out, and offer Hope.”

Carol Stratford
Team Member

Carol has had a dynamic marketing career with success developing and deploying strategic marketing plans, designing and launching effective public relations campaigns and achieving record breaking increases in profits and brand awareness. She is recognized as a leader in the hospitality and wellness industries, with strengths in project management, e-commerce, relationship building, administration and business development. Carol has successfully guided strategy for major properties like Lake Lanier Islands Resorts, Stone Mountain Park, Doral Resort & Spa, Marriott Harbor Beach, The Homestead Resort, Miraval Resort & Spa, Hilton Head Health and Green Mountain at Fox Run. Her favorite part of her work is being able to work with people, and the opportunity to work with inspired artists drew her to the StART project. She is excited to bring St.ART’s important message to a much wider audience through marketing and public relations.

Sharon Rapoport
Team Member

Sharon has had a storied career as a Creative Director and Copywriter, garnering Emmy nominations for her Lifetime Television work and creating high-profile multi-platform campaigns that range from a Mindfulness brand approach for Miraval Spa Resort to Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercials. Sharon, who lives and works in Brooklyn,  is currently leading the creative charge for resorts such as Oaks At Ojai Spa Resort in CA and Skyterra Wellness in NC and for Comphy, the world’s leading provider of spa linens.  She has also written a book for Miraval, and has penned film scripts for world-renowned filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg of Moving Art Productions. Sharon is honored to have worked with Michael Tompkins on the early conceptual approach to the St.ART event and can’t wait to see the inspiration become a reality.

Nancy Griffin
Team Member

Nancy Griffin is Principal of Contento Marketing, a leading business development and public relations firm. With more than two decades of marketing experience in wellness and hospitality, she has a Master’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Cornell University. Griffin’s strong social media presence includes a Twitter following of more than 22,000.


Her unique style of leveraging brand awareness, combined with her vast network of industry professionals, has given her more than two decades of success in spa and hospitality marketing. Her volunteer work with spa industry non-profits and horse and dog rescues provide an ideal foundation for St.ARTs community-based mission.